Fish where the fish are – messenger apps instead of yet another native app

Innovative Sustainable Mobile Content Marketing

The most recent developments in mobile communication and marketing indicate a fundamental shift away from applications (they started the shift from websites to apps on a mobile device) to Messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and others. Why Messengers? And how do you get in front of people's eyeballs?

Reach your audience right now

Please check the two slides below from Business Insider:Tech & Media Outlook 2016, Michael Wolf. They illustrate what's happening right now. Check out the entire slide deck for an in-depth perspective.

Medizin Medien Austria commissioned a survey among 3000 Austrian physicians in December 2014. The result: 41% of the doctors (a rather conservative user group in a rather conservative country – when it comes to digital communication) use WhatsApp or other messengers

Well, which messenger supports content marketing initiatives easily?

Since 2015 the Telegram Messenger offers an API that permits creating applications that reside within Telegram.

Additional benefit: development and maintenance is much cheaper, there's only one app that works across all devices. Since April 12, 2016, there's Facebook Messenger with its vast reach of about 1 billion users it offers a perfect entry point for your marketing or customer support campaigns.
It's up to the goal (and the APIs) for which one you decide.

Content Marketing Opportunity

Possible Topics

  • Publishers: Mobilize your existing content, make it interactive
  • Health Services: Understanding Immunoncology (knowledge)
  • Health Services: Treating Hepatitis C (knowledge, behaviour)
  • Calculators, Reminders …
  • Customer services for events, tourism etc.
  • Any kind of quizzes
  • Gamification
  • Any service that's an app

Exemplary Strategy

promote the knowledge on immunooncology and therapies among (younger) experts. Position yourself as an innovative partner (not only in communication)


Multi-lingual application A (physicians) [B might be patients] based on the Telegram Messenger


  • headline based Q&A with multimedia support.
  • quiz (see below)
  • news auto-publishing with notifications
  • support (contact) option via Telegram
  • Gamification (Infotainment): quiz with leaderboard. Prize?

Security/ Compliance

  • If necessary, access via PIN Code only.
  • Authentication against a database.


(across several regions) with the link to the application:

  • email-blasts plus landing page with a call to action (explaining Telegram and the application)
  • Google AdWords
  • Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Get your PIN from your local sales rep / medical representative


best option use our log file and database analysis and decide which data you need.



Huge reach at the point of interaction.
No extra APP on the Smartphone.
Telegram and FB Messenger work across Windows, Mac, Linux, Tablets and any Smartphone (iOS, Android, Win).
Fast and easy to understand.
No dependance on Apple or Google.
Telegram is secure, with Secret Chat even very secure.
API for creating applications.


No exact numbers available for distinct countries.
New, needs some effort to convince stakeholder.

Net Promoter Score® bot for Telegram

Heads up, now you can review in your Messenger

Get insights and take action!
NPS is the most efficient way to learn about your audience and gain insights into their sentiments toward your (or others) brand or product.
This demo is for Telegram and can be ported to other Messengers based on their capabilities.Add to Telegram

Chatbot for hotels

Created for Facebook Messenger!

Customer support & sales funnel.
Immediate responses, check the place, check availability, place an order.
Adapt to your needs.

Try it yourself in Facebook Messenger.

Pharma News for the Telegram Messenger

Tech News

This channel provides interesting finds across topics like technology, marketing, software. It's called randgaenge. You can add it for free.

Mobile Learning

Not another mobile app anymore!

Stand on the shoulders of giants; use a Messenger.
Make your learning offer mobile.
We integrated our LMS into a mobile Messenger. It is very easy to access the courses on the go. We freed the LMS from the website. User authentication and central data repository are an integral part of the application.

Get in touch for a trial!

Event Communication

Make it easier for everyone

First and foremost for attendees
  • Be accurate and relevant. Even if there are changes during your event.
  • Communicate with your audience effectively and without delay.
  • Support your event on the go.
  • It is independent of any App store.
  • This application works independent of your platform. It works across all desktops or mobile devices.
  • Promote your (or relevant) content

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