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Your success is based on our extensive experience with using, deploying and developing agile and reliable learning environments

Our Offer

  • We take the best-of-breed solutions to create ecosystems that enable people to provide and take courses easily.
  • We integrate with existing CMSs or provide you with full-scale support including WordPress,

Why Bright?

Bright enables pre-existing applications and frameworks to deliver LMS type functionality.
What if you want to manage user access and deliver trackable e-learning via an existing Web Stack like WordPress, Drupal, WebLogic, or Salesforce.com?

Frictionless learning for the people


  • is your Managed Cloud LMS Service
  • ensures your peace of mind
  • integrates with Scorm Cloud for robustness and reliability
  • lets you charge for courses or
  • apply any of your business or learning rules.

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YES, Bright can

  • track learning for learners
  • serve SCORMCloud courses
  • Use an existing SCORMCloud application or realm
  • leverage a certified SCORM 1.2/2004 engine
  • serve TinCan packages
  • manage multiple SCORMCloud registrations as a single "invitation"
  • integrate via a RESTful Web Services API
  • fetch results of stored queries in the Bright database via JSON
  • serve courseware and learning data from your CMS
  • Sell courseware using a WooCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Use with any WooCommerce compatible payment gateway (117 and counting). Paypal, Stripe, authorize.net, etc, etc, etc.
  • Use with WP MultiSite/MultiUser
  • Use with multiple DNS domains within MultiSite
  • Connect invidual subsites to separate SCORMCloud applications
  • Sell multi-seat licenses for courses
  • Sell simple "the buyer is the learner" courses
  • Embed courses via shortcode
  • Embed courses with a customizable template
  • Embed courselists via shortcode
  • Have sequential learning paths
  • Build custom progression criteria for a learning path
  • Use wordpress hooks to modify the learning data passed to a Wordpress shortcode
  • Compile a custom subroutine into Bright Server and serve the returned data via Bright shortcode
  • Access course, user, or registration metadata from course or courselist embedder template
  • Deliver custom printable certificates
  • Manage course, user, and registration metadata straight from WP
  • Manage course invitations straight from your CMS
  • Embed Bright learning reports on CMS
  • Add a custom reporting interface
  • Completely customize the look and feel of all learning content
  • Redirect a user after completion of a course
  • Embed courses and courselists in widgets, headers, and footers
  • Create custom widgets [top ten lists, revolving courses/products, scoreboards, etc].
  • Deliver a 100% mobile/responsive site
  • Add custom business rules
  • Run server side registration lifecycle hooks
  • Collect custom user data at registration time
  • Report on custom user data
  • Include custom user data in templates [like certificates]

Mobile Learning

Don't build apps

Stand on the shoulders of giants; use a messenger.
Make your learning mobile.
We integrated our LMS into a mobile messenger and make it very easy to access the courses on the go. Actually we freed the LMS from the website – user authentication and central data repository are included though.

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